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Systems Engineering for Earth and Space

Space Systems is a full-service systems engineering group, located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. With complementary strengths in both hardware and software, we can tailor a hardware or software package to enhance your existing system, or we can create a completely integrated system from concept to successfully fielded product. Our accomplishments include a wide range of systems, from the simple to the extremely complex. Underlying those accomplishments are in-depth expertise, a strong work ethic, and cooperative teamwork.

Our Method

At Space Systems the emphasis is on effective team work. We incorporate systems engineering and hardware and software development with effective quality management. When the system is complete, we subject it to extensive hardware and software testing, both before and after the system is fielded. As a result, we can boast of first pass success with systems that work efficiently, without incident.

Our Work Ethic

Space Systems has a three-pronged approach to each project: quality, integrity, and honesty. Like the craftsmen of old, we take pride in products that effortlessly fulfill their intended function. And, like those craftsmen, we pride ourselves on giving value earned for every dollar a client spends. What the contract says we will do, we do and do well - for the agreed upon price in the agreed upon time.

Representative Accomplishments

Space Systems' noteworthy successes include systems for both corporations and government agencies. A few of the achievements we are particularly proud of include:

  • TDPS -- A high performance telemetry data acquisition and processing system for the Geophysics Directorate at Phillips Laboratory, Hanscom AFB, MA.

  • FTDI -- Airborne, VME-based acquisition and multiplexer system for collecting FLIR video, IRIG time, and MIL-STD 1553 data from the F15-E and recording it on an Ampex DCRsi.

  • ATDA -- PC-based data acquisition system for acquiring, processing, and transcribing atomic blast test data from analog tape to CD ROM.

  • PCI-D240 -- Multi-purpose interface for linking Ampex DCRsi tape drives to the peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus on IBM-compatible personal computers and Sun workstations.

  • PCI-V64 -- Multi-purpose interface for linking Metrum-Datatape digital cassette recorders to the PCI bus on IBM-compatible personal computers and Sun workstations.

  • Ballistic Winds -- Software for estimating the effect of variable wind profiles on the accuracy of high-altitude bombing.

Last Updated January 6, 2009

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