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SpaceTrace Disk Recorders -- An economical replacement for Ampex DCRsi and DIS recorders

Space Trace Disk Recorders are hardware and software compatible with all Ampex DCRsi and DIS recorders. You merely unplug your DCRsi or DIS control and data cables and plug them directly into the SpaceTrace Disk Recorder. The standard versions support RS232 for the DCRsi control interface; an optional adapter may be added to support RS422. The SpaceTrace Disk Recorder provides sustained transfer rates of up to 30 Megabytes per second and capacities of 200 Gigabytes and more. Please contact Space Systems for further information.

PCI-D240 -- PCI bus to Ampex DCRsi Interface

A multi-purpose interface for linking Ampex DCRsi tape drives to the peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus on IBM-compatible personal computers and UNIX workstations. The PCI-D240 includes a comprehensive Windows Graphical User Interface for monitoring and controlling the DCRsi and for transferring data between the DCRsi and PC. The PCI-D240 has been replaced by our high-performance version, the PCI-D240-HS.

PCI-D240-HS -- High-performance PCI bus to Ampex DCRsi Interface

A high-performance version of our original, reliable PCI-D240. The deep FIFOs and fast transfer rate (133 Mbytes per second) make it ideal for real-time and RAID applications. The PCI-D240-HS is plug-compatible (hardware and software) with the PCI-D240.

Last Updated December 31, 2008

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